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The blog

- International Dawn Chorus Day

The first Sunday of May is also the "International Day of the Dawn Chorus".... PLUS >>

- Plants make sounds

A major discovery has recently been made: plants emit sounds, but these are inaudible to the human ear.... PLUS >>

- Wikimedia, the sound of all human knowledge

Wikimedia launches a great contest in search of the "sound of all human knowledge" which will become the sound logo of Wikimedia.... PLUS >>

- My sounds in NFT

For some time I have had a curious interest in NFT. Because I like the premise, I promise myself to slowly add to my own collection of audio NFTs, hoping to sell them to collectors, who will then support my work.... PLUS >>

- Lucien MOATTI, Doctor and Foley artist?

I would like to introduce you to Lucien MOATTI, a doctor who is perhaps a bit of a noisemaker in his spare time.... PLUS >>

- Margaret McCollum and her husband's voice

Margaret McCollum goes to the subway every day to hear the voice of Oswald, her late husband.... PLUS >>

- Blind, he is Street Fighter V champion

Blind, he is Street Fighter V champion on Twitch.... PLUS >>

- 16,000 records of the BBC

the BBC has just put online 16,000 records in WAV format.... PLUS >>

- New site is paying an update.... PLUS >>

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