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- Hot chocolate effect

The allasonic effect, sometimes called the 'hot chocolate effect' although it also works with coffee or tea, is fascinating.... Lire la suite >>

- Onomatopoeia around the world

Passionate about comics and sound, you know that I started a comic strip on the subject of sound. What about onomatopoeia? And their translations into other languages?... Lire la suite >>

- A series of sound-related epidemics

Behind this catchy title lies an audiovisual 'series' on a fictional 'epidemic' linked to auditory babble.... Lire la suite >>

- College Music Playlists for Every Occasion: Study, Relax, Party

Discover the perfect playlists for studying, relaxation, and parties. Enhance your college experience with music that matches every moment. Click to explore!... Lire la suite >>

- 10 Inspiring Careers in the Music Industry for College Graduates in 2024

The music industry offers a variety of vibrant career paths that appeal to many college graduates. With the industry's constant evolution, especially with the advent of digital platforms and technologies, there are numerous opportunities for innovative and passionate individuals.... Lire la suite >>

- Music Education Program: Which Path is Right for You?

Choosing the right path in music education is a decisive moment. On one side, there's the conservatory, with its deep dive into music mastery and performance. On the other, liberal arts programs blend a broad spectrum of knowledge with musical expertise.... Lire la suite >>

- Embracing Music Therapy For Students for Enhanced Well-Being

Discover how music therapy in college settings supports student well-being, enhances resilience, and aids in navigating academic pressures. Learn more on!... Lire la suite >>

- Path and Opportunities of Sound Engineering Evolution

The world of sound engineering has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, transforming from a niche profession into a crucial component of various industries such as music, film, television, gaming, and live events. This evolution has been driven by advancements in technology, changes in consumer behavior, and the growing demand for high-quality audio experiences.... Lire la suite >>

- Reasons to Incorporate Background Music in Your School Podcast

You could have the best school podcast. However, it may not attract the huge audience you had in mind. It could be missing one important element – background music. You can incorporate different types of music pieces into your content. You can use royalty-free music, your own composition, or hire someone to compose music for you. Here’s why you include background music in your school podcast.... Lire la suite >>

- The Oldest Audio Recording

Frenchman Edouard-Léon Scott de Martinville was the inventor of the first device to write sound: the phonautograph.... Lire la suite >>

- AI arrives in sound effects

No field will be spared by Artificial Intelligence (AI or AI in English), and very stupid is anyone who thinks of their employment sheltered from its influence.... Lire la suite >>

- The Eidophone, by Megan Watts Hughes

Megan [Margaret] Watts Hughes (1842-1907) was an exceptional artist from Wales. Brilliant in several fields such as music, science and philanthropy, she leaves behind a rich and diverse legacy. Including an invention: the Eidophone.... Lire la suite >>

- Property Protection in Sound Design and Music Composition

Creativity knows no bounds in the vibrant realms of sound design and music composition. However, amidst the endless possibilities for innovation and artistic expression lurks the ever-present need to safeguard one's intellectual property.... Lire la suite >>

- Playlist “Music and Sound Effects”

BigSoundBank offers you a new Deezer playlist "Music and Sound Effects" which combines music, field recording and sound effects. This selection explores the fascinating links between music and the sounds of everyday life, reality, imagination or even their simple evocations. Some tracks were even produced with sounds from BigSoundBank!... Lire la suite >>

- Sound update, for firmware

Be careful: updating firmware can be done via audio!... Lire la suite >>

- Soundtrack to Studies: Auditory Aids

Any person with children understands that these youngsters perform optimally when they constantly engage with their environment and those around them. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for many young scholars with hearing loss.... Lire la suite >>

- Sonification, the art of giving a voice to numbers

Data sonification involves translating digital data into sound, creating an auditory representation of that data. Just as graphs and charts are used to visualize data, sonification uses parameters such as pitch, volume, duration, and timbre to represent different characteristics of the data.... Lire la suite >>

- Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sounds: What Are They?


Hollywood is home to the world’s most incredible creative talents. Actors, writers, directors, audiovisual effects professionals, technicians, and countless others abound. The big screen is where everything seamlessly comes together to deliver a tour de force in entertainment.... Lire la suite >>

- A thermoacoustic heat pump?

In 2017, Cédric François founded Equium with the mission of developing thermoacoustic heat pumps using amplified acoustic waves.... Lire la suite >>

- The Power of Sound: Enhancing Brand Identity on Social Media through Audio Branding

In the digital era, brands are constantly vying for attention on social media, where visuals often dominate. Yet, an underutilized tool lies within reach – audio branding. It's the symphony behind your brand's story, an auditory logo that resonates. This isn't about catchy jingles alone; it's creating a consistent and memorable sound that embodies your brand's identity and values. A well-crafted sound can set the tone for your brand, conveying messages of innovation, trust, or excitement, all without a single visual cue.... Lire la suite >>

- The lowest note: that of a black hole

The lowest note ever measured would be the "B flat-54" of a supermassive black hole located at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster. That is 54 octaves below octave 0, or 57 octaves below the middle C octave (C3).... Lire la suite >>

- Optimizing Your Device for the Best Music Experience

Your pocket is home to a miniature computer – your smartphone – traveling with you constantly and thus necessitating high-quality speakers, whether for music enjoyment or professional calls. Despite its importance, numerous smartphones unfortunately lack robust speakers capable of delivering satisfactory volume levels. If the sound quality of your smartphone leaves much to be desired, then this blog will prove invaluable. Let's see together what we can do to improve your music experience.... Lire la suite >>

- Finding Balance: Music as a Stress Reliever for Overburdened Students

Any student feels the pressure to excel academically and maintain a vibrant social life. This quest for balance often leads to increased stress levels. As the search for effective stress-management techniques becomes more pressing, the potential of music as a therapeutic tool is gaining recognition. The soothing power of a melody, the energizing beat of a drum, and the harmonious chord of a guitar string offer more than just entertainment; they provide a sanctuary for overburdened students, a haven where stress fades away, and harmony restores balance.... Lire la suite >>

- SoundBoardStudio, a sound box

In radio, during performances, or in theater, it is sometimes essential to manage the playback of sound files, sound effects, or even music.... Lire la suite >>

- Introduction to Music and Its Role in Student Life

Music is an essential part of many students' lives. It's not just a source of entertainment; it also plays a significant role in their development. Whether it's listening to a favorite song after school or playing an instrument in the school band, music offers a unique way for students to express themselves and connect with others.... Lire la suite >>

- The Soundtrack of Success: How Sound Impacts Student Well-Being

Have you ever thought about how the noise around you might be affecting your ability to focus or study? A question that doesn't get much attention is how noise affects the health and happiness of students. This is an interesting and important part of doing well in school. We will learn a lot about the interesting world of sound and how it can have a big impact on students’ mental and emotional health, academic success, and overall well-being in this article.... Lire la suite >>

- Advancements in Audio Technology for Enhancing Classroom Learning

In the fast-paced world of education, technology has changed the rules, especially when it comes to making sound better.... Lire la suite >>

- The Psychology of Sound: How Audio Affects Cognitive Processes in Education

How do we humans perceive and make sense of the auditory world around us? The psychology of sound, which is often called psychoacoustics, can tell you about that.... Lire la suite >>

- Goalball and Torball: Sound Sports

The world of sport is often associated with strong visual sensations, but there are sports that stand out for their total absence of vision: Goalball or Torball.... Lire la suite >>

- 16,000 records of the BBC

the BBC has just put online 16,000 records in WAV format.... Lire la suite >>

- Lucien MOATTI, Doctor and Foley artist?

I would like to introduce you to Lucien MOATTI, a doctor who is perhaps a bit of a noisemaker in his spare time.... Lire la suite >>

- Margaret McCollum and her husband's voice

Margaret McCollum goes to the subway every day to hear the voice of Oswald, her late husband.... Lire la suite >>

- Blind, he is Street Fighter V champion

Blind, he is Street Fighter V champion on Twitch.... Lire la suite >>

- My sounds in NFT

For some time I have had a curious interest in NFT. Because I like the premise, I promise myself to slowly add to my own collection of audio NFTs, hoping to sell them to collectors, who will then support my work.... Lire la suite >>

- International Dawn Chorus Day

The first Sunday of May is also the "International Day of the Dawn Chorus".... Lire la suite >>

- Wikimedia, the sound of all human knowledge

Wikimedia launches a great contest in search of the "sound of all human knowledge" which will become the sound logo of Wikimedia.... Lire la suite >>

- Plants make sounds

A major discovery has recently been made: plants emit sounds, but these are inaudible to the human ear.... Lire la suite >>

- New site is paying an update.... Lire la suite >>

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