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Free and royalty-free sounds library for yours commercial or personal projects.
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All files whose download pages mention "Free and Royalty Free" (at the top of the page or in the download box) are made available free of charge and freely for all your projects, whether commercial or not, and worldwide. In exchange for this gift, don't hesitate to donate BigSoundBank!

Feel free to:

- Add in your credits: "Additional sounds: Joseph SARDIN -".
- Add a clickable link in your credits to: "".
- Contact me to send me a link to your finished project, that I share it.
- Make a small donation, or order on Thomann via this link (BigSoundBank receives 3% commission!)
Nothing is mandatory, but definitely appreciated...

You are allowed to:

- Share, copy, distribute and communicate the material by all means and in all formats.
- Adapt, remix, transform and create from material.
- Use, including for commercial purposes.
- Without any restrictions.
- Without asking permission.

This is:

- Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal
- WTFPL license, which some summarize: Do what you want, I have NOTHING TO DO.
- Public Domain Dedication.

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