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Free and royalty-free sounds library for yours commercial or personal projects.
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Welcome! is a library of free, royalty free sounds. The best quality soundbank for any commercial and non-commercial use. Sounds effects, ambiences, soundscapes and atmospheres in MP3, WAV, BWF, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, AAC and M4A formats. Listen and download ! For podcast, movie, broadcast, video games, audiovisual, theater, radio, development, virtual reality, 3D, metaverse, and more media productions.

– “Wonderful job in collecting all of these sounds.” - Anonyme - other feedbacks >

- Joseph SARDIN - Founder of and - Contact

Last sounds

- Mechanical doorbell 10
- Storm and Rain 4
- Mountain stream 3
- Cycling - Call
- Bronze bell 2
- Electric jackhammer 7
- Cycling - Peloton passage 1
- Cockatiel parakeet 2
- Gendarmerie motorcycle crossing
- Gore (grapefruit) 6

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Most downloaded sounds

- Forest
- Waves and Sandwich tern
- Message 1
- Rain and Storm 2
- Shot Beretta M12 9mm
- Message sent
- Wind
- Applause 1
- Sea: waves
- Censorship 2

All the most downloaded sounds

The Foley Artist's Laboratory

In each episode, I reveal a foley artist's secret. The episodes are in French, my native language, but sometimes subtitled and otherwise easy to understand. To see all the episodes, follow this link >

Le Labo du Bruiteur sur Youtube

Museum of Missing Sounds

Here is a small museum intended to exhibit sounds that have disappeared from our daily lives. Still present in our lives a few years ago for some, others disappeared a long time ago. It's this way >

Museum of Missing Sounds

Sound Quiz (Free game)

Small audio quiz. 4 levels, sounds to listen to, questions, only one answer possible. It's your turn ! It's this way >

Illustration du quiz sonore


Here are some boards of a comic strip that I started to make, on the theme of sound recording and sound effects. The English version is not yet fully realized. It's this way >

Illustration de la BD


What could be better than a soundscape to fall asleep, meditate or work, create a peaceful atmosphere or a sound exhibition, no longer hear his tinnitus, etc. ? It's this way >


- Tests et Avis sur le matériel audio
- Différentes qualités audio
- Techniques de bruitages au cinéma ou au théâtre
- Choisir son matériel son en tournage audiovisuel
- Liste d'onomatopées
- Fabriquer une boite à sons
- Placement des micros pour la prise de son stéréo
- Choisir un bon microphone
- Techniques de prise de son
- Choisir un bon enregistreur portatif
- Guide d'achat "audio"
- Lexique Audio
- Choisir une bonne bonnette anti-vent
- Endormissement et Sons
- Éducation sonore

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The blog

- International Dawn Chorus Day
- My sounds in NFT
- Lucien MOATTI, Doctor and Foley artist?
- Margaret McCollum and her husband's voice
- Blind, he is Street Fighter V champion
- 16,000 records of the BBC
- New site

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