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Welcome to is a totally free sounds library. The best quality soundbank for yours projects. Sounds effects, ambiences, soundscapes and atmospheres in MP3, WAV, BWF, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, AAC and M4A format, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0. Listen and download ! For audiovisual, cinema, theater, video games, audio sagas, radio, and more.

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Last sounds

- Hen scared
- Hens worried
- Tongue clicks
- White noise
- Mobile vibrator in a pocket
- Mobile vibrator in a hand
- Mobile vibrator without protective shell
- Mobile vibrator in protective shell
- Air extractor
- Flatulence 4
- Inverter beeps
- Gurgling sink 4
- Gurgling sink 3
- Gurgling sink 2
- Gurgling sink 1
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Most downloaded sounds

- The SNCF Jingle 2
- Wake birds 3
- iPhone - Ringtone "Marimba"
- Supermarket: cash registers
- Siren French Gendarmerie
- Wake birds 2
- Phone ringing "Nokia Tune"
- The SNCF Jingle
- Rain and Storm 2
- Heart beat
- Cow moos
- Explosion, far away
- Campaign morning
- Summer rain on terrace
- Song of rooster
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- Techniques de prise de son < Nouveau dossier
- Techniques de bruitages au cinéma ou au théâtre
- Différentes qualités d'encodage MP3
- Choisir un bon microphone
- Choisir un bon enregistreur portatif
- Choisir son matériel son en tournage audiovisuel
- Fabriquer une bonnette anti-vent
- Placement des micros pour la prise de son stéréo
- Lexique Audio
- Choisir une bonne bonnette anti-vent
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The blog

- 16,000 records of the BBC
- New site
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The Foley Artist's Laboratory

In each episode, I reveal a foley artist's secret. The episodes are in French, my native language, but sometimes subtitled and otherwise easy to understand. To see all the episodes, follow this link >

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