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- The SNCF Jingle 2
The present jingle at the station, we hear in the stations before the ads. : 00:03.
- iPhone - Ringtone "Marimba"
Ringtone "Marimba" of the Apple iPhone. : 00:07.
- Wake birds 3
Campaign atmosphere at 6:30 am April 23, 2018 in France. : 04:05.
- Supermarket cash registers
Supermarket atmosphere. Faced with cash registers. : 01:25.
- Siren French Gendarmerie
Two-tone siren of the French Gendarmerie, recorded outside the vehicle. : 00:20.
- Phone ringing "Nokia Tune"
Phone ringing "Nokia Tune" on a Nokia 6300. : 00:04.
- The SNCF Jingle
A faithful reproduction of the SNCF jingle that you hear on the stations before the ads. : 00:04.
- Wake birds 2
Campaign atmosphere at 6:45 am April 6, 2016 in France. : 01:12.
- Rain and Storm 2
Heavy rain and thunderstorms. : 02:37.
- Heart beat
Beating heart (x10). There is a slight background noise. : 00:08.
- Cow moos
5 mooing of a cow. It seemed to call goats with which I walked. Slight background noise. : 00:17.
- Campaign morning
The campaign in the morning. Wind, birds.. : 02:48.
- Song of rooster
Crowing of a rooster (x1). : 00:02.
- Waves and seagulls
Sea waves medium and a few cries of seagulls swirl, dull roar of the sea beyond. : 00:57.
- 20-day-old baby crying 2
20-day-old baby crying in bed. This is my own boy, born in November 2016. : 01:42.
- Slightly agitated sea
Slightly agitated sea, shingle falling, laughter and voices. : 02:12.
- Battery joke
The drum fill for when somebody tells a joke in a stand-up comic or a show. : 00:05.
- Sea Waves
Waves at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Between Soulac-sur-Mer and Lacanau. France. : 02:46.
- Dial phone
Old phone: ring (x3), stall (x1), hangup (x1). : 00:26.
- Wilhelm scream
The Wilhelm cry is pushed by the actor Sheb Wooley. Its first use dates from the movie "The Adventures of Captain Wyatt" in 1951. Since then, it has been popularized by Ben Burtt on the saga Star Wars and in several hundred movies, series, commercials and video games. More infos : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_scream. : 00:01.
- Wind
Wind noise. Made with a technique Foley easy www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_122. : 01:29.
- Insect song
Song of an insect. A locust or grasshopper. It must be identified and photographed. : 00:22.
- Crying baby
Crying baby. : 02:11.
- Explosion, far away
A distant explosion of an agricultural gun designed to frighten birds. : 00:04.
- Crowing 4
Crowing (20 times). : 01:11.
- Summer rain on terrace
Big drops of summer storm on a terrace. : 02:36.
- Gas fog horn 2
2 long shots of a gas fog horn like those used by supporters in stadiums, protesters, skippers.. : 00:03.
- Babie swallows 4
A barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) comes to feed his nest of swallow. : 00:06.
- Barking dog
Big dog barking at 2 meters from the stereo microphone. : 03:02.
- Small waves facing the ocean
Small waves in English Channel recorded facing the sea on the beach of Houlgate, Calvados, Normandy, France. : 02:17.
- Wind in tall grass
Sound of wind in the tall grass of a field. : 01:25.
- Field cricket
Singing a field cricket. Present in France, the field cricket digs a hole in the sunny plains and sings to seduce the female. : 00:36.
- Small waves back to the ocean
Small waves in English Channel recorded back to the sea on the beach of Houlgate, Calvados, Normandy, France. : 01:29.
- Big diesel engine
Start and extinction of a Kia Carnival diesel engine 2,9 liter. : 00:49.
- Church bells 10 hours
10 hours by the bells of the church of Illiers Combray (France). Slight rumor. : 00:43.
- Bicycle bell 3
5 bicycle doorbell noises. : 00:19.
- Shot in .357 Magnum 9mm
A single shot of .357 Magnum. fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Magnum. : 00:03.
- Car door 1
4 closures and opening of a Peugeot 107 door. Sound outside the car. : 00:14.
- Crows 2
Two crows give the reply. : 00:04.
- Frogs 2
Many frogs sing near a pond in the city center. Sound recording at 2 meters. Sound of a waterfall in the background. : 02:29.
- Fireworks
Fireworks in the city, PolinyĂ  de XĂșquer, Spain. : 03:21.
- Censor beep
Beep that are commonly used for censorship. : 00:01.
- Mobile vibrator in a pocket
Sound of an iphone vibrator, in a trouser pocket. : 00:20.
- Hens lays
Song of two hens laying. : 00:22.
- Bell bike 3
The sound of a bicycle bell. : 00:02.
- Wind and tree squeaks
Wind in a very big tree. Grinding of one of its branches. : 02:32.
- Campaign afternoon
Country atmosphere in the afternoon. Wind, birds, airplanes.. : 02:30.
- Laughing boy of 16 months
My 16 month old son laughs well when I tickle him. : 00:06.
- Forest: On the edge
Forest atmosphere recorded near woods. Birds, wind, noise, etc. : 06:00.
- Song of the common midwife toad 2
The "common midwife toad" (or "Alytes obstetricans") is found in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_midwife_toad - Photo : Grand-PappĂ  www.flickr.com/photos/beltranpappa/. : 00:51.
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