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How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio

One of the key features of FL Studio is that it allows its users to import and use sound packs. In this blog, we will get into the details of soundpacks in FL Studio and discuss how to install soundpacks in FL Studio.

What Are Soundpacks?

Soundpacks are extremely popular for their ability to enhance the process of music production. A soundpack is a collection of audio samples and loops created mainly for electronic music.

While soundpacks are used throughout the music production industry, there is no specific standard, and they can include the sounds of several instruments like drums, basslines, synths, and effects.

Soundpacks are mainly used to add depth to a musical track. The basic purpose of learning how to install soundpacks in FL studio is that instead of creating each sound that is to be used in the music track from scratch, music producers can directly use soundpacks to quickly and easily add new sounds to their tracks.

How To Install Soundpacks in FL Studio

Now that you know everything about soundpacks, let us map out all the steps you need to follow to learn how to install soundpacks in FL Studio. The steps mentioned below are straightforward, and if you follow them properly, you will be ready with your new soundpack within the FL Studio in less than five minutes.

Step 1: Downloading The Soundpack

The first on how to install soundpacks in FL Studio is acquiring a soundpack first. While there are several websites that you can download a soundpack from, we have mentioned some of the best websites in the “Best Websites To Download Soundpacks For FL Studio” section. You will find both types of websites. Some will provide soundpacks for free while some premium websites are paid.

Make sure that you select the website that suits your needs and provides quality soundpacks.

Step 2: Extracting The Soundpack File

You will notice that the file you downloaded from your preferred soundpack website is a compressed file in ZIP or RAR format. Websites do this to compress the original soundpack file to save space and time for both them and their users.

Extracting ZIP/RAR Files on Windows

Extracting a compressed file on a windows device is very easy. All you have to do is right-click on the folder and click on the “Extract All” option from the drop-down menu. This will extract all the files from the zipped folder and save them in a new folder with the same name as the compressed folder.

How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio 1

Extracting ZIP/RAR Files on macOS

It is as easy to extract files on macOS devices as it is on any windows device. All you have to do is double-click on the compressed file, and the operating system will automatically unzip the folder and save it in a new folder with the same name.

Step 3: Importing Sound Pack

Now that you have the uncompressed soundpack files, you are halfway through the process of how to install soundpacks in FL Studio. This step is the most important in the entire process, so follow it closely and ensure you don’t make any mistakes here.

On the toolbar in FL Studio, click the "Options" button on the upper left side of the screen.

How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio 2

Now from the drop-down menu, click on "File settings."

How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio 3

In the “Settings-Files and Folders” dialogue box, click on the “File” tab, the fourth option from the left. Then in the "Browser extra search folders" section, you must click on a folder icon with nothing assigned to it.

How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio 4

As you click on it, a browser window will open in which you will have to select the uncompressed soundpack folder you created in the previous step. Once you complete this, you will have installed a soundpack in FL Studio.

Now, if you open FL Studio, go to the browser window on the left pane of the FL Studio screen. You can locate the sound pack folder you installed in the FL Studio folder in the Browser window.

How To Install Soundpacks In FL Studio 5

Benefits Of Using Soundpacks in FL Studio

Now that you have successfully learned about importing soundpacks in FL Studio. Let us give you some motivation to do it too.

As you know, soundpacks are collections of audio samples from different instruments, these can come into play for different reasons for different music producers. Some common benefits of using these soundpacks in FL Studio are mentioned below.

Diverse Sound Selection

All of us have learned that soundpacks contain a wide variety of sound samples that can be used to create different genres of music in a simple way. Using soundpacks will help you to expand your sound library, providing you with more options while producing your next music track.

Time Efficiency and Cost Efficient

We ask that you use soundpacks once. You will automatically understand that instead of spending hours searching for the perfect sound, soundpacks are an efficient way to access high-quality sounds already ready to use in your tracks. Which directly saves you a ton of time in your music production stint.

You know by now that time equals money; if you save time, you are directly saving a lot. Every minute that you save using a soundpack, you can invest in creating new music tracks.

Professional Sound Quality

Creating a soundpack in itself is a tough and time-consuming task; hence, most soundpacks are created by professional sound designers and music producers. This means that the chances of your samples and presets from the download soundpack being of professional quality being great are quite high.

Creative Inspiration

If you ask any experienced music producer, you will learn that it is not easy just to sit and start making a music track. You need some kind of kickstart to your creativity to do so.

This is where soundpacks come in handy, as they can help you discover new sounds and combinations you may not have thought of before.

Now, with the benefits, there might be a few draw backs to each feature. Soundpacks don’t always come in the best shape. Sometimes, you might need to correct those notes by quantizing the audio. This can be tedious, but You can learn it over time.

Best Websites To Download Soundpacks For FL Studio

While you can download soundpacks from any website on the internet, not everything that shines is gold, right? This is why we have curated a list of some of the best websites to download soundpacks for FL studio on the internet.


Any music producer worth his salt would know loopmasters like the back of his hand. It gained popularity for offering its vast collection of soundpacks and sample packs.

They have an extremely diverse range of sounds, including drums, bass, synths, and vocals. This website offers both free and paid samples depending on your choice of soundpacks.


Splice is another subscription-based online platform allowing users to download and upload soundpacks and samples. With over four million samples and soundpacks, Slice boasts an extraordinary library of sounds and loops that any music producer can use in FL Studio.

Magic Sound, also a top online soundpack platform, recently merged with Splice, which extended its music library by more than a million, making Splice an incredible place to be.

Producer Loops

Producer Loops is an online marketplace for music producers worldwide where users can get their hands on a wide range of soundpacks and sample packs for FL Studio.

It is one of the largest arsenals of musical sample packs, sound kits and loops. With more than twenty million individual music samples and loops, you can choose from an extremely vast selection of genres, including EDM, hip-hop, pop, trap, and more.

Users can get choose from different download options, including free samples and paid sample packs. The price depends on the artist you are buying from. If you are willing to wait, Producer Loop often sells items so that artists can minimize costs while making new music tracks.


Cymatics is one of our favorite websites from this list of soundpack retailers. Once you visit their website, you will understand the reason behind it. Cymatics offers products ranging from plugins, bundles, drum kits, melodies, and MIDI to serums.

The best thing about the website is that it goes on sale from time to time, giving new music producers a chance to get the highest quality product at the lowest possible rates.


Now that you have learnt how to install soundpacks in FL Studio, you must have understood that while installing soundpacks is a very easy process, it has many benefits for music producers. Especially if you are someone who is starting, soundpacks can help make your music production journey time and cost-efficient.

While you download your soundpacks, make sure you choose only the high-quality soundpacks that should be compatible with your version of FL Studio.

- Joseph SARDIN - Founder of - About - Contact

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