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Reasons to Incorporate Background Music in Your School Podcast

You could have the best school podcast. However, it may not attract the huge audience you had in mind. It could be missing one important element – background music. You can incorporate different types of music pieces into your content. You can use royalty-free music, your own composition, or hire someone to compose music for you. Here’s why you include background music in your school podcast.

Improve Engagement


When your engagement in something is high, you pay attention to it and reap maximum benefits. For instance, when you fully engage yourself in a lecture, you grasp more content, which will help you write your assignments and exams. If you don’t, it will be difficult to write papers on the concept that was taught because you didn’t grasp it. You might end up using an essay writing service to avoid failing the assignment. The same applies to podcasts.

The reason for creating a podcast is to have an audience interested in listening to you. Winning this audience over isn’t always easy. You must give listeners reasons to follow you as a content creator. One of the strategies you can use to improve podcast engagement is to incorporate background music.

So, how does this music help you to improve engagement? First, including exciting background music attracts the listeners’ attention – the listeners become eager to know what you intend to talk about in your podcast. Just ensure you incorporate music related to the content you intend to discuss. For example, you can incorporate dramatic music if your podcast is about celebrity gossip.

Also, background music motivates the audience to continue listening. Take an example of a 1-hour podcast. At some point, the audience gets fatigued. Thus, you should give listeners reasons to continue following your content. The background music breaks the monotony, ensuring the listeners’ attention is still on you.

Creates an Impactful Podcast Experience

You want your audience to continue listening to your content. While at it, you want listeners to treat the content you deliver with the seriousness it deserves. The trick is to set the right mood before you begin delivering the content. Background music does this to perfection when you incorporate it the right way.

Music evokes emotions, making it the perfect tool to set the podcast’s tone. Inspiring background music can do the trick in a podcast that discusses how to work hard and record impressive academic performance amid school challenges. Such music sets the tone for resilience and motivates listeners not to despair.

In another podcast, you may be narrating a robbery incident. For such content, you want to create an atmosphere of suspense for the listener to want to know what happens next. In such a case, Crescendo orchestral music can set the right tone for your podcast.

Besides, the background music can help your audience memorize your podcast’s content. For instance, listeners will associate the music with the content you delivered. That’s a powerful way to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your listeners.

Music Showcases Your Creativity

There could be thousands of other school podcasts your listeners are listening to. You should give them a good reason to stick with yours instead of going to your competitors. Show this audience that you are the most creative podcaster around through the background music you incorporate.

You can use this music to enhance your narration. For example, you can use it to invoke the right emotions like suspense, inspiration, and excitement. Also, you can highlight the key moments during the narration using this music. For instance, you can increase the volume of the background music when you want to deliver your podcast’s punchline.

Foster the Spirit of Inclusivity in Your Podcast

Your podcast audience could be people from diverse backgrounds. So, you should make them all feel they are part of your narration, you care about them, and the narration is to help them. The best way to connect to all the members of this audience is through music – everyone appreciates good music.

So, how do you foster this diversity? Incorporate music from different cultures at different stages of the podcast. In the process, members of your audience, who most likely are students, can learn about music from other cultures. The exposure helps to debunk the stereotypes they’ve heard about those cultures.

Background Music Helps in Smooth Podcast Transition

Your audience wants coherent content. The easiest way to make them lose interest is by delivering haphazard content. Haphazardness comes when the audience isn’t sure about what part of your podcast you’re handling at any one point. Simply put, a seamless transition is a critical part of delivering podcast content. Fortunately, background music can help you to transition seamlessly from one part of your podcast to the next.

You can use a musical intro for your introduction – it tells the audience that you’re just beginning your podcast. You can then use different music to signal to this audience that you’re about to go to a new podcast topic or theme. Calming instrumentals are perfect when you want your listeners to take a short break before you proceed to the next segment. When you’re about to move to the next segment, you can increase the tempo of the music.

Still, your audience wants to know the weight you attach to the points you deliver in your podcast. You can use a dramatic musical to let the listeners know the point you’ve just delivered is among the most vital in the podcast. The more seamless your podcast transition is, the easier it is for the audience to follow it.

Helps to Make Your Podcast Brand Unique


Many podcasts are already there, and their creators may be discussing the same topics you do. Why should people listen to you instead of them? You need to differentiate your content from theirs. The audience should know that your content is always worth listening to – make it unique with background music.

For example, you can have specific background music for your introduction. It should be a piece your audience can resonate with. Any time you want to change it, let your audience know.

The Long and Short

Background music is a powerful tool in your school podcast. It grabs the listeners’ attention, makes the podcast impactful, and showcases your creativity. Moreover, it makes your podcast inclusive, smoothens the transitions, and helps to distinguish your brand. Choose the right music and create a superb podcast.

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