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Goalball and Torball: Sound Sports


The world of sport is often associated with strong visual sensations, but there are sports that stand out for their complete absence of vision. Goalball and Torball are among them. Goalball, a Paralympic game created specifically for visually impaired and blind people, offers a fascinating sporting experience where sound becomes the protagonist. Very close, Torball is not Paralympic. Let's dive into this auditory and tactical universe where silence is golden and sound, the key to success.

Goalball at a glance

Goalball is a team sport played on a rectangular field, with the main objective of sending a sound ball into the opponent's goal. The teams, made up of three players each, wear opaque glasses to equalize vision levels. The ball contains bells inside, allowing players to locate it by sound. The games take place in absolute silence, interrupted only by the shouts of the players and the sound of the moving ball.

The Sound Strategy

At the heart of goalball is a complex sound strategy. Players must not only pay attention to the sound of the ball, but also to the sounds of their opponents moving. Each movement becomes a symphony of auditory cues, with players adjusting their positions and actions based on the sounds around them. Hearing thus becomes the dominant sense, transforming the playing field into an arena where sound precision takes precedence over everything else.

The Art of Silent Communication

In goalball, silent communication between teammates is crucial. Players use specific sound signals, such as hand claps or coded shouts, to coordinate their movements and share information about the ball's position. This sonic symbiosis between teammates creates a unique dynamic, where mutual trust and aural understanding are essential to achieving victory.

The Sensory Experience of Spectators

For spectators, goalball offers a sensory experience unlike any other sport. The lack of total visibility requires total concentration on the sounds of the game. Spectators can feel the tension in the air with each throw of the ball, follow the trajectory of the game thanks to the distinct and vibrant sounds, and experience the excitement of the goals scored through the cheers and audible reactions of the players.


Goalball, a sport imbued with sound tactics and silent communication, transcends the boundaries of vision to offer a unique experience to athletes and spectators. By diving into this universe where sound becomes the canvas on which each movement is drawn, goalball demonstrates that, sometimes, silence speaks louder than anything else. Whether you are a sports fan or simply curious to discover new sensations, goalball invites you to explore the captivating world of sport through a unique sound perspective.

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