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Discord Picking up Game Audio (Ultimate Guide)

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a gripping game, sharing strategies with your teammates on Discord, only to realize that Discord is picking up computer audio? It's a common frustration that can disrupt the flow of communication and dampen the gaming experience.

But worry not, fellow Discord users! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of managing Discord's audio settings to prevent unwanted computer audio from crashing your voice chat parties.

Why is Discord Picking Up Computer Audio

To put it simply, Discord’s audio inputs are quite sensitive to various audio inputs as it was designed to be a versatile platform for gamers and communities alike in which audio plays a crucial role.

Discord picks up an extensive range of sounds — sometimes more than we'd like. This can lead to scenarios where game sounds, background applications, or even echoes from your speakers are transmitted over your voice channel, causing confusion and frustration.

Discord Picking Up Computer Audio: Solutions

Changing Discord's Audio Settings

The first step towards sonic harmony is to adjust Discord's audio settings. Access the 'Voice & Video' settings under 'App Settings' to begin fine-tuning. Here, you can specify which microphone Discord should use.

Note- Opting for a headset microphone over a built-in laptop microphone, for example, can significantly reduce the pickup of unwanted sounds.

Input Sensitivity

Adjusting the input sensitivity slider is crucial. By setting Discord to activate your microphone only when it detects sound above a certain threshold, you can minimize the pickup of background noise.

You should also enable the 'Automatically determine input sensitivity' option first. If Discord still catches unwanted audio, manually adjust the slider until only your voice triggers the microphone.

Adjust Audio Driver Settings

Misconfigured or corrupted audio drivers can disrupt the seamless operation of Discord, leading to the platform picking up extraneous audio. To adjust the driver setting, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Begin by right-clicking the Volume icon located in your system's taskbar, then select "Sounds" from the context menu.

Step 2: A new window will appear. Navigate to the "Playback" tab within this window.

Step 3: Look for audio drivers named "Realtek" and "Nvidia High Definition" in the list. Right-click on each and select "Disable".

Step 4: After disabling the necessary drivers, restart your computer to see if the issue has been resolved.

Optimizing Microphone Settings

To ensure optimal performance and eliminate potential audio conflicts, it's essential to verify and adjust your microphone settings. Follow these steps to refine your mic setup.

Step 1: Use the search function on your taskbar to find and open the "Control Panel".

Step 2: Once in the Control Panel, adjust the view mode to "Large icons" for easier navigation.

Step 3: Locate and select "Sound" from the available options.

Step 4: Within the Sound settings, switch to the "Recording" tab and identify the microphone you're actively using for Discord.

Step 5: Click on "Properties" for your selected microphone.

Step 6: In the microphone properties window, navigate to the "Listen" tab. Find an option labelled "Listen to this device." Ensure this box is unchecked to prevent your system from playing back audio through the microphone, which could be causing interference in Discord.

Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression

Discord offers built-in features like echo cancellation and noise suppression. These can be lifesavers, especially if you're not using headphones. Echo cancellation aims to prevent your microphone from picking up audio output from your speakers, while noise suppression works to eliminate background noise. Experiment with these settings to find the perfect balance for your setup.

Advanced Solutions For Discord Picking Up Computer Audio

Tweaking Discord's settings not working well enough for you? Don’t worry, we have solutions ready for you. Below, we have mentioned some third-party applications that are guaranteed to provide you the relief.

Virtual Audio Cables

Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software creates a set of "virtual" audio devices or cables on your computer. You can use these to route audio from specific applications directly to Discord or away from it. By setting up a virtual cable as your default audio device in Discord, you ensure that only the sounds you choose are broadcast to your voice channel.

Dedicated Mixing Software: Total Control

For those seeking ultimate control over their audio, dedicated mixing software like Voicemeeter can be a game-changer. Voicemeeter allows for detailed management of audio sources, letting you mix and match what gets sent to Discord. While it requires a bit more setup and learning, the payoff in audio quality and control is well worth the effort.

Tips for The Perfect Discord Audio Experience

Use Headphones

The simplest way to prevent most unwanted audio pickup is by using headphones. This eliminates the possibility of your microphone picking up output from your speakers.

Regularly Update Discord and Drivers

Keep Discord and your audio drivers up to date. Developers are continually improving their software, often including better noise management features.

Mic Etiquette

While this should be going unsaid, all of us have come across those who forget to mute their mics. Each one of us should remember to mute our mic when not speaking, especially on large channels or during heavy audio activity like intense gaming moments.

Also read: Discord Mac Screen Share with Audio.

Adjust Bitrate

A greater bitrate equates to superior audio quality, albeit at the cost of higher bandwidth consumption. Standard Discord channels offer a bitrate spectrum from 8kbps up to 96kbps. Yet, channels can unlock enhanced bitrate levels—128, 256, and even 384kbps—through acquiring sufficient Nitro Boosts.

Note: It's crucial to note that modifying this setting is a privilege reserved for server admins.

Step 1: Position your cursor over the audio channel you wish to adjust and click "Edit Channel".

Step 2: Locate the bitrate adjustment slider and increase its value to a higher figure for better sound quality, starting from the standard 64kbps. Confirm your adjustments by clicking "Save Changes."

Environmental Tweaks

Minimize background noise by closing windows, turning off fans, or moving to a quieter room if possible. If you can afford to put up some sound-absorbing material, it would make your experience much better and will help you with resolving not just the issue of Discord Picking Up Computer Audio, but overall as well.


Managing Discord's audio pickup isn't just about technical tweaks; it's about creating the best possible experience for yourself and your teammates. By combining the right settings adjustments with smart practices, you can ensure that your Discord sessions are more symphony than cacophony.

Dive into these tips and tools, and take control of your Discord audio setup today. Happy gaming, and here's to crystal-clear communications in all your online adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Picking Up Computer Audio

Q: Can I prevent Discord from picking up keyboard clicks and mouse noises?

A: Yes, adjusting input sensitivity and enabling noise suppression can help. For mechanical keyboards, consider a microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern that minimises sound from behind the mic.

Q: What if I don't want to use third-party software for audio management?

A: Utilize Discord's built-in settings like input sensitivity, echo cancellation, and noise suppression to their fullest. Also, adopting good mic etiquette and using headphones can significantly improve your experience without additional software.

Q: How do I balance game audio and voice chat volume in Discord?

A: You can adjust individual user volumes by right-clicking on their name in voice chat. For game audio, use the volume mixer on your computer to find a balance that allows you to hear both game sounds and voice chat clearly.

- Joseph SARDIN - Founder of - About - Contact

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