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Discord Mac Screen Share with Audio | Tips & Trick

Alright, Mac users and Discord aficionados, we've all been there – you're deep in a game, working on a project, or watching a movie that you want to share with your friends on Discord, and then you hit a snag. The video is crisp, and your commentary is on point, but wait... where's the audio?

Sharing your screen on Discord without your audio feels like eating a pizza without cheese – it just isn't right! But worry not, this guide on Discord Mac Screen Share Audio is here for your help. Let’s dive into the melody of pixels and waves, ensuring your Discord screen shares are a hit, with audio included.

Why Mac Users Face This Challenge

Before we delve into the solution, let’s understand the challenge. MacOS is known for its robust security features, which, while great for keeping your system safe, can sometimes limit functionality that involves sharing system audio internally. This is the root cause of why sharing system audio on Discord isn't straightforward for Mac users. But with the help of some clever workarounds and third-party software, you can bridge this gap.

Resolving Discord Mac Screen Share Audio Issues

Verify and Enable Screen Recording Permissions

A common hurdle to smooth screen sharing on Discord could be the lack of screen recording permissions. To ensure Discord has the necessary permissions follow the straightforward steps.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Screen sharing demands significant system resources, and on older Macs, this can lead to performance issues. Disabling hardware acceleration might improve the situation.

Opt-Out of Advanced Screen Capture Features

Discord's advanced screen capture technology can sometimes be the culprit behind screen share audio problems on certain Mac models. Disabling it may resolve the issue.

Ensure Windowed Mode is Active

Discord's screen sharing might not function properly in full-screen mode. Switching to windowed mode can often instantly rectify this issue.

Reinstall Discord

As a last resort, if other solutions fail, reinstalling Discord can help by removing potentially corrupted files and data.

Implementing these solutions step by step should help resolve any screen share audio issues on Discord for Mac users, enhancing your Discord experience. If you are still not able to resolve Discord Mac Screen Share Audio issues, Third-Party softwares will definitely help you.

Discord Mac Screen Share Audio Using Third-Party Software

The hero of our story is third-party virtual audio devices. These software tools act as intermediaries that can capture and reroute audio from your Mac to Discord. Two popular choices are BlackHole and Soundflower, both of which are revered for their ability to integrate system audio into your Discord streams seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Discord Mac Screen Share Audio Using Third-Party Software

First things first, let's ensure your Discord is ready to perform. Ensure you're running the latest version of Discord on your Mac. An outdated app is like a rusty instrument – it won't give you the performance you want.

Step 1: Installing a Virtual Audio Device

The first step is to download and install a virtual audio device. For this guide, let’s focus on BlackHole which is a modern, zero-latency solution that works wonders for this application.

Visit the BlackHole GitHub page website to download the installer. Follow the installation instructions. You might need to allow the installation in your System Preferences due to MacOS security settings. Once installed, you won’t need to open BlackHole as an app.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Mac’s Audio

With BlackHole installed, the next step is to create a Multi-Output Device on your Mac. This allows you to hear the audio yourself while also routing it to Discord.

Open “Audio MIDI Setup” on your Mac. You can find this in Applications > Utilities. Click the "+" button at the bottom left and select "Create Multi-Output Device" and then in the Multi-Output Device you’ve created, check the boxes for your regular output device (such as your headphones or speakers) and BlackHole. Right-click on the Multi-Output Device and select "Use This Device for Sound Output".

Step 3: Configuring Discord

With your audio device set up, it’s time to configure Discord to use BlackHole as its audio input.

Open Discord and go to Preferences > Voice & Video. For the Input Device, select BlackHole (or the name of the virtual audio device you installed). You may leave the Output Device as your default output device, so you can hear other people in the call.

Step 4: Sharing Your Screen with Audio

Now, everything is set up for you to share your screen along with the audio.

And there you have it! You’re now sharing your Mac screen with audio on Discord.

Tips and Tricks for Discord Mac Screen Share Audio

Use QuickTime for Input Enhancement

To improve audio quality during screen shares, open QuickTime Player and select "New Audio Recording Discord". Choose your microphone as the input source. This can enhance the audio input clarity when sharing.

Adjust System Preferences

In "System Preferences", under "Sound", ensure the input and output levels are optimized for Discord. Adjusting these settings can prevent common audio issues like feedback or low volume.

Regularly Update Discord

Keep your Discord app updated to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes. Updates often include improvements to screen-sharing and audio-sharing capabilities.

Optimize Internet Connection

A stable and strong internet connection can significantly improve screen sharing quality, including audio. Consider using a wired connection or improving your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Explore Discord’s Advanced Settings

Dive into Discord’s "Voice & Video" settings. Experimenting with the audio subsystem and disabling echo cancellation or noise reduction can sometimes yield better audio-sharing results.

Discord's Nitro Subscription

Discord's Nitro subscription can significantly enhance your Mac screen-sharing experience, offering superior streaming quality and more options for sharing. This premium service not only improves the visual clarity of your shared content but also unlocks additional features, making your Discord interactions richer and more engaging.


And there you have it, the curtain call on your woes of Discord Mac Screen Share Audio. With this guide, you're more than ready to take centre stage and share your screen (and its audio) like a pro.

Remember, technology is like an instrument – it takes a bit of practice to get it right, but once you do, the possibilities are endless. So go ahead, and share your passions, your games, and your work with confidence. After all, a shared experience is a better one. Now, isn't it time for you to start your next Discord screen-sharing adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Mac Screen Share Audio

Is using third-party audio software safe?

Yes, as long as you download from reputable sources. Both BlackHole and Soundflower are well-known and widely used within the Mac community.

Do I need to pay for the virtual audio device software?

Many of the virtual audio device apps, like BlackHole, offer free versions that are perfect for Discord screen sharing. Some apps offer paid versions with additional features, which might be worth exploring for more advanced needs.

Will installing a virtual audio device affect my Mac’s performance?

The impact on your Mac’s performance should be minimal. However, streaming high-quality video and audio can be resource-intensive, so keep an eye on your system’s performance, especially on older models.

Can my friends share their screen with audio on my Mac?

Yes, they can follow the same steps to share their screen with audio from their Mac. Sharing the knowledge can make your Discord experience even more interactive and fun for everyone involved.

- Joseph SARDIN - Founder of - About - Contact

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