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Onomatopoeia around the world

Passionate about comics and sound, you know that I started drawing on the subject of sound, to see on my dedicated page of this site.

If my boards sometimes contain onomatopoeia, I also translate them into English. Not being an English speaker, I already have to juggle different online translators to get my text correct. But that’s when I especially need to focus on onomatopoeia.

Because a sound is not at all the same way of being transcribed in French and in all other languages. Here is a little preview, illustrated by James CHAPMAN:

Moreover, James CHAPMAN produced in 2020 a 168-page book on onomatopoeia around the world (in English). Named "Sounds All Around: A Guide to Onomatopoeias Around the World" (€14.76).

"If you have writing skills and want to help me, contact me!"


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